April 20, 2007

9 Month Checkup

Hattie had her 9 month checkup this morning. She is definitely on the small side. Her weight is 18 lbs. 8 oz. (25th%) and height is 27 1/2 inches (also 25th%). She has dropped her percentages some, but I am thinking it is mostly because she got rotavirus a while back and lost about a bunch of weight. It was AWFUL. Hopefully by her one year appointment, her percentages will be back up. Her iron was also a little on the low side, so we have to give her an iron supplement for about 6 weeks and then take her back in to check it again. The doctor didn't seem worried at all, though, which eased my stressin' brain. Developmentally Hattie is right on target.

Speaking of Hattie's development, my little goober has learned to stand in her crib and will proceed to bang the crib rail and yell, "Mamamama!" during naptime. Needless to say she is now napping in her pack-n-play since she can't stand up in that yet. Mama has a few tricks up her sleeve, too! I don't know what I'll do when she learns to stand in that. I'm just praying that she learns to sit back down real soon! Otherwise I'm gonna have to get real creative at naptime.

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Cheryl Wimberly said...

That's good news about her check up. I was reading the other day that babies growth starts to taper off and starts to reflect their genes. Women are having bigger babies due to good prenatal care so eventually they catch up to where they should be and the growth slows down. That info helped me since Saige is on the smaller side and her doctor doesn't seem concerned. He just said that me and patrick were on the smaller side so it only makes sense.
Anyways, I love seeing pictures of Hattie. Wish we could get the girls together! :)


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