March 15, 2007


Not only is Hattie cutting her two bottom teeth, but (more importantly) she almost has enough hair for me to put a bow in it!!!!! Her hair grows at a turtle's pace, but I think a few more patient months of hair growing, and the bow might actually have enough hair to cling to to stay on her head. Mommy is SO excited!!

Mommy is not so excited about the teething milestone anymore, though. Teething equals cranky, and fussy, and not wanting to nap much for Hattie. I will be glad to get a break from teething! Luckily both teeth broke through earlier this week so I think most of the pain is over because she is in a much better mood :0)!


Beth said...

Steph, I don't know if that counts as enough hair to put a bow in, but she is awfully cute!! I love seeing the pictures and reading your blog. Wish you lived here!

Andrew said...

I knew someone who used to have to tape bows to her daughter's head because she took so long to grow any hair.

Hattie's quite the cutie, bows or not.

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